What makes Pawz different than other dog walking/sitting businesses?

We are the only business in Prague to offer a truly professional one-on-one care for demanding dogs.

We understand the bond between you and your pet is a strong one, and we tailor our services and communication accordingly. And by that we mean top-notch customer service, reliability and meaningful feedback.

We believe in establishing long lasting bonds with both our four-legged, and two-legged clients, so we’re not here to just walk and sit your loved one but become their second-best friend.

We’re also the first in town to offer dog running for the more energetic of dogs and puppy care.

What are your hours?

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.

All services rendered outside of the above times are subject to additional fees.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are.

What does it mean that you are insured?

We carry a liability insurance policy that will cover up to five million crowns in damages. This protects you from financial loss in the event we are liable for accidents that occur while caring for your pets.



Why dog running?

Here are just a few of the many benefits that running can offer your pooch:

  • Helps prevent obesity
  • Strengthens cardiovascular system
  • Tones muscles
  • Strengthens bones
  • Improves and stabilizes mood
  • Enhances mental alertness
  • Improves sleep
I already have a dog walker. Why do I need you?

Is your dog walker able and willing to run 30-45 minutes with your dog? Are you sure?

Is my dog fit for running?

Of course, not all dogs are ready to run. Some breeds are better suited for walks, so are puppies under one year old, elderly dogs, and dogs with health issues. Always talk to your vet before starting your dog on a running program.

How does it work?

Every session starts with a short walk to get loose. Then it’s time to run. Your dog will always be leashed, and we carry waste bags and water at all times. Runs will always be at your dog’s pace. Again, we’ll finish the day with a short walk to cool down.



Is it really that necessary to have my dog walked on a daily basis?

Absolutely! The more exercise your dog receives, the happier, healthier, and more well-behaved your dog will be. You may think that a potty break in the morning and a potty break in the evening after work is enough for your pet, but experts have proven that in order to fully maintain a doggy-life lived to its full potential, they need to be able to get out to exercise, keep a steady pace on a nice long walk every day.

What is included in your daily walks?

Each walk can be customized to your specific needs, but in general, all walks include fresh water change, feedings and non-injectable meds.

How many dogs do you walk at one time?

No more than two. In such cases, we will talk to both owners and have the dogs meet to see if they are a good fit. If you have more than one pooch that needs walking, we will gladly accommodate them all. We all know the benefits of having dogs socialize with each other, but pack walking is unsafe, and besides, we believe your little pooch should be free to investigate every tree and grassy hilltop that his little furry heart desires.



Why should I use Pawz sitters?

Your dog will remain in his/her familiar, secure environment and follow his/ her usual diet and exercise routine. Your dog isn’t exposed to illness of other animals. And most importantly, your pet receives lots of love and personal attention while you are away. We do our best to keep you updates about what your dog’s up to via e-mail and phone.

Can you tell me about overnight sitting?

Our overnight dog sitting service is the next best thing to you being home, without you actually being there. We spend approximately 12 hours at your home, though visits are tailored to your dog’s schedule, and often include an evening and a morning walk. We can add additional visits during the day. Overnight visits also give you peace of mind of knowing that your home is being looked after as well.

When I go out of town how many times per day should a pet sitter visit my pets?

For most dogs we recommend at least two visits per day. For indoor dogs, three times a day would be best.



Why do I need puppy visits?

A young puppy can suffer from two things: separation anxiety and a small bladder. Puppy visits ease both these issues. A regular schedule helps to curb those nasty symptoms of separation anxiety: destructive or unhealthy chewing, and excessive barking or yelping. Plus, reliable scheduling makes your puppy’s house and crate training more effective.

When will my puppy be visited?

That depends on your schedule. Generally, for a nine-to-five worker we assume you have to be away from your puppy from about 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. If we are visiting twice a day, we aim for a 10 a.m. visit and an afternoon visit around 2 p.m. The idea is to reduce both the length of time a young dog has to go without a bathroom break and the time he or she has to spend alone.



What training methods do you use?

Positive reinforcement training using a marker—either a clicker or repetition of the word YES—and rewards to reinforce good behaviour. Rewards don’t always have to be treats; they can be praise, pats or toys. Dogs learn best when they are taught slowly, with each new challenge supported by a prior success. Learning based on building success after success is the most durable, and dramatically increases your dog’s desire to do what you want.

What is positive reinforcement?

Positive reinforcement motivates your dog with things she likes so she wants to listen to you. A dog trained with positive reinforcement has a happy attitude toward learning, which will make her a much better companion.

How much time do I have to set aside for practice?

Dogs learn best if you practice in very short, upbeat sessions, 2-5 minutes each, several times a day. In addition to these dedicated training sessions, the most powerful teaching tool you have is your willingness to incorporate training into real life. We’ll show you how to integrate real-life rewards into routine interactions with your dog, such as feeding, walking, and playing.

Is my eight-week-old puppy too young to train?

Your puppy is learning right now from every single interaction with you, whether you are consciously teaching her or not. This is the time to begin fostering the behavior you would like to see in your adult dog. What your puppy learns first she learns best!

Do you offer training walks?

Yes! We will reinforce good behavior training on our walks and practice the commands you have learned with our trainer.



What does the initial consultation entail?

Lots of listening on our part! It gives us a chance to meet your dog and get to know his/her personality and quirks, the places he/she likes to go and the places he/she doesn’t. It’s also a way for you to meet with us.

What are pup reports?

The latest and greatest on your dog—where he/she went, what he/she got up to and whether there were any issues. We’ll even send you a picture from the walk!

How do I make a schedule change?

Outside of times you don’t have access to a computer we ask that you please send us an e-mail or fill in the contact form for schedule changes. To schedule a new date/time/service, please use the schedule form. A second option would be to call or SMS us.

Is there a reason calling is not the best option?

We try and keep everything digital when it comes to scheduling. Our schedule forms try and make your requests as exact as possible. Schedule changes submitted through a phone call can be vague leave more room for miscommunication The schedule forms help us keep a digital record of your request and save us lots of time we can then dedicate to improving service.

So what are times I should call you?

If you’d like to discuss issues your dogs are having or any issues you might have with service in general. Emailing is great and simpler for most things, but when it comes to the care of your dogs, concerns about service, etc. we feel a phone call is always best.

What if I need to cancel a service?

We know that things come up last minute, and you may need to cancel a day here and there.

To cancel a scheduled dog walk/run or a puppy visit, please send us an e-mail, fill in the contact form, send an SMS or call us. Please let us know before 7 p.m. on the day prior to scheduled service.

For dog sitting, a 2-day (7 days for reservations that include a holiday) notice is required and appreciated to cancel a scheduled reservation.

When and how do you charge me?

For dog walking/running and puppy visits we will be sending you an invoice on a monthly basis via e-mail. For dog sitting, payment is due within 7 days of confirmation of your requested service by the office. You can either transfer the sum to our account or pay in cash.

What is your policy with my keys?

We do not put your personal address on your key tags. The only definable trait we put on your key tag is your dog’s name.

Everything sounds great, how do I get started?

Call us at 602.318.006. Email us at, or fill out the contact form.


We look forward to meeting you and your dog!

 The Pawz team

We value your opinion!