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Pawz was founded in 2012 by group of friends with the goal to create a company focused on providing top quality pet care with a personal touch for demanding dogs.

Pawz is the first business in Prague to provide a truly professional one-on-one loving care for your four-legged companions. We offer safe and reliable walking, running, sitting and training services for busy Praguers and are excited about top-notch customer service.
We believe in establishing long lasting bonds with both our four-legged, and two-legged clients, so we’re not here to just walk and sit your loved one but become their second-best friend.

We know the specifics of dog communication and body language, aggression and how to prevent it, safety and fight protocols, and basic training skills.

We don’t walk dogs in packs, we don’t chat on our mobile phones or wear headphones whilst working, and we take our jobs very seriously.

As dog owners (who’ve had to search for walkers and/or sitters at one time or another) we understand that the bond between you and your pet is a strong one, and we try our hardest to rid of any stress and anxiety you may have when you are away. Your dog’s safety is always our number one concern.

We look forward to meeting you and your dog!

Pawz team

Meet our team


I’ve shared a special bond with animals since very early on, so when the time came for me to decide on what field to go into, my mind was made up. After graduating from veterinary school, I continued my studies at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, specializing in cynology.

I’ve worked with animals my whole life, be it as an assistant to veterinarians, volunteer at dog shelters, aide in a dog-training center or a dog sitter in the lovely London. As an owner of two pooches, I’d love to provide the very same care to other four-legged gems.


I was a dog walker in the Toronto area for four years before moving to Prague and joining the Pawz team. I have worked with many dogs of many breeds, from Chihuahuas all the way to Newfoundlands and Irish Wolfhounds.

My love, compassion and leadership qualities ensure that your dog will be treated with kindness and lots of hugs and kisses!


Volám sa Laura, bývam v byte na Žižkove so svojimi mačičkami(psíky majú rady) Mohli by ste ma nazvať crazy cat/dog lady, lebo ma vždy uvidíte obklopenú zvieratami. Psy, mačky, zajačiky, kone, atď jednoducho milujem. Som veľmi aktívny človek, preto táto práca je ako stvorená pre mňa a vymeniť sedavé dni v kancelárii za dni plné pohybu so psami, bola jasná životná voľba. O Pawz som sa dozvedela cez moju kamarátku, ktorej som jej brigádu veľmi závidela. Inak rada cestujem a objavujem nové miesta, milujem dobrodružstvá. Takže psíky sa so mnou nikdy nenudia a na tieto dobrodružstvá a výlety do prírody chodia so mnou. Individuálny prístup Pawz mi umožňuje so psíkom nadviazať spojenie a pochopiť jeho osobnosť a potreby, aby sme boli zohratá dvojka (trojka, smečka,..) 

Inak nepohrdnem dobrým jedlom a vínom. A malá zaujímavosť o mne profesionálne som sa venovala jazdeniu na koni a som veľký fanúšik true crime dokumentov.


Láska k psům pro mě byla automatická už od mala, svého jsem bohužel nemohla mít a tak jsem pravidelně navštěvovala útulky a to dokonce i Německé. Dlouhou dobu jsem pravidelně venčila Rhodéského ridgebacka a vždy byl můj sen ho mít. To vše mi zůstalo. Proto je pro mě práce se psy ta pravá.  Kromě nonstop pozornosti pro vaše psí dítě, dostanete taky spoustu fotografii, protože foťák nepouštím z ruky a miluju zaznamenávat jejich momenty! Ze všeho nejvíce se cítím nejlépe na horách a túrách a právě proto jsou pro mě dlouhé procházky s nimi za odměnu a nabíjí mě energií! Kdo mě zná, tak říká, že mám kolem sebe psí auru a že jsem jako psí máma. 

Vnímavost – trpělivost – moře lásky – to vše je pro mě samozřejmostí v jejich společnosti – born to love dogs!


My name is Tobiáš, I am 24 years old from  eastern Slovakia now living in Prague. I am studying ecology at ČZU. Since I was little I loved all animals, but my parents never let me have any pets, because we were living in a flat. That’s why I love working for Pawz, because it fulfills my need for contact with my four-legged friends. I love dogs and even more I love cats, so I would be more than happy to take care of your furry-babies. Here in Prague I had a cat rescued from the streets, but sadly she passed the rainbow bridge at 2 years of age due to heart disease she was born with. I am plant-based and trying to do as much as i can to save our nature. My other hobbies would be anything to do with art , like music or taking photos of nature while on walks.


Since I was a little girl had a close bond with dogs. I always wanted to live side by side with a four legged companion. Therefore I was really excited as I heard about Pawz.  Working with dogs is the perfect way for me to be close to these furry creatures.

As a graduate from art school I spend a lot of my time inside drawing, tattooing or sewing so being active outside with pups is a perfect combination for me.


I grew up around dogs, from big breeds like Akitas to small ones like Shi-Tzus. I worked as a dog walker in the United Kingdom and when I moved to Prague I was very happy to start working at Pawz.

I believe that all animals deserve compassion, love, care, and respect, and that is what I try to provide to every pet I look after after. Dogs and cats have always held a special place in my heart, and I will always do my very best to provide them with the care they need. Small or big, experiencing difficulties or not, each of these animals is deserving of love.


Growing up we always had cats and it wasn’t until later that as a family we got a Spaniel, where along with our adopted cats, I began learning more about their behaviour especially communication and interaction. It’s great to see the differences in personality and the relationship from training and play. It’s interesting seeing the difference in their character, and the various training strategies, and I enjoy learning about what is effective and how we interact with them.  Time spent with dogs is so positive and the walking adds to the whole thing; I’m currently an English teacher with a strong passion towards health and fitness, and love being able to spend time outside like this. I especially enjoy working at PAWZ with a team who are so passionate and incredibly caring.


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One of my biggest childhood dreams had been to have my own dog to care for. That dream came true when I turned 11 and got my very own whippet pup, Warinka, who opened up the gates to the dog world, and I gradually became more involved with dog training.
Education-wise, I’ve graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Prague in Animal Science of Special Breeds, and followed up with a Master’s program in Special-interest Breeds. I’ve sucessfully completed instructors‘ training at the Agility Club of the Czech Republic and have attended seminars led by dog trainers such as Gerard O´Shea, Gabi Harris, Jane Killion.
Apart from dog training, I enjoy and compete in agility, flyball, obedience, dogfrisbee and dogdancing both with clients‘ pooches and my own pack of Jack Russell Terriers and an Australian Shepherd. I’m constantly educating myself when it comes to dog training and behaviour modification, and approach each case individually to find the best solution.


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